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**This is an example listing / this particular Munstre desk is sold but can be remade as seen here in Walnut or other species**


30u mastering desk in solid Walnut & Walnut ply. This mid century inspired original design is flat shippable and built like a tank, using hand selected Walnut slabs to highlight this species natural beauty and utilize its dependable strength. These desks are built to heirloom quality. Upper rear shelf is able to be placed in 2 potential locations, one at the very top of the legs - the other is sunken down 3.5" allowing monitors to sit on ISO pads without rising too high out of the ideal sonic 'sweet-spot'. Cable management is concealed, along the rear stretchers of the desk allowing for an ultra clean and organized look and workflow. Dimensions:62"w x 41"h (desktop height is 30") x 34"d

62"w x 41"h (desktop height is 30") x 34"d

Munstre will be expanding with other desk designs, from mastering desks to composing/mixing/arranging setups. Feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas for your ideal project!

Walnut mastering desk - 3-bay 30ru

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