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What is your turnaround time?


For most lightbox orders it will take me between 2-4 days before the item ships out. This can change during busy season (holidays) but if for some reason your order is going to be delayed I will be in touch right away to give a heads up. If you need an order with a quick turnaround time please choose an expedited shipping option as I always process these orders first.

For the more involved custom orders this can vary from 7 days, to 4-8 weeks for large woodwork projects.

Who makes these products?


I am a one man operation, everything on my website is built & assembled in my workshop. Films are printed in my studio, product photos are shot by me, the artwork for my lightboxes are either original drawings/photographs or are vintage memorabilia I've found and extensively cleaned up. Each order is individually shipped by..... me!

Are the lights in your lightboxes replaceable?

Absolutely! Most lightboxes just require the back panel to be removed to access the socket, though some lightbox designs require the front to be removed. Either option requires a standard screwdriver. The bulbs are LED, they should easily last a decade or more with typical use, but you can find replacements at your local hardware store quite easily. I use 2700K, 300lumen bulbs for most lightboxes.

Do you provide International delivery?


I hope to offer EU options of my lights in the future, but I am limited by the ability to reliably test international plugs and voltages. At the moment I am shipping lightboxes to North America exclusively, but will ship international as long as the customer understands my lights will require a power adapter/converter of some sort.

How do I track my order?


When your order has shipped you will receive an email confirmation, with a tracking # attached. I ship via USPS about 90% of the time, and use UPS for the remainder.

Something got damaged during shipment, now what?


My least favorite thing is to hear about an item of mine getting damaged along it's journey. I package my products well, taking care to protect glass and prevent much shifting around in the box. However, things can and do happen along the way, and occasionally some worker somewhere gets curious about how much air-time the package in their arms can handle.


If your product is damaged in any way please contact me immediately, typically it's easier for me to send a replacement piece of glass with artwork attached than to have the order shipped back for me to evaluate and keep the customer waiting. I will deal with filing a damaged shipment with the carrier on my end. 

What is your returns policy?


I offer 14 day returns for most of my products, excepting personalized lightboxes & custom woodwork projects.

I'm happy to say I've never had a returned order as I do my abslute best to represent my products clearly. If you do have a problem with your order please don't hesitate to contact me.

In the event an item needs to be completely returned buyer is responsible for return shipping.

How old is Munstre?

Munstre was established online way back in 2008! Many of the designs and aesthetics have shifted since then, but the Munstre business has been in operation throughout. 





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