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Munstre (mun-stir) began as a happy accident back in 2008. Back then I used to make buttons for bands and events in my local area, and while working on orders I would check the registration marks on multiple sheets of prints by holding them up to the light.


Eventually this would spark an idea to backlight some of my own artwork, but not having much woodwork experience (and none of electrical wiring) I did what any self respecting 20-something does... I asked my dad. Fortunately, my father had all of the basic equipment I’d need to start, and he helped me make the first frame for backlit lightboxes while also showing me how to not explode myself or his garage. 


From there I would slowly begin my life in woodworking...

Over the years Munstre has expanded into custom lighting, furniture, with a focus on ergonomically designed recording studio furniture & audio racks. As a 'serious' home studio musician, I refine my designs for real world applications in both home & professional studios and offer nearly all of my products as fully assembled, completely finished pieces shipped to the customer so that you can unbox and immediately be up and running. 

I absolutely love to hear feedback from my customers, and ideas for future needs in their studios. My wood shop is fully equipped to take on nearly any project, so if you have specific needs that you are not seeing in my product line please do not hesitate to contact me!

Munstre LLC is owned & operated by Christopher Elsasser

In addition to Munstre I am an avid gardener, a dad to my little girl, and an active musician. I'm currently recording a debut LP as "COLURER". I've self released a handful of mix-matched tracks which you can listen to on Bandcamp or Spotify.

Join me on Instagram: @Munstre_ or tag your #Munstre products!

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