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Commission build // Walnut & Dark Red Meranti coffee table, with functioning traffic light as uplight. 


Traffic light was supplied to Munstre by the customer, who'd had it in storage for years waiting for the right project. The table was built from scratch (turns out there aren't any references for a project like this) and included stripping/repainting the metal light enclosure, as well as rewiring the lights to individually controlled switches mounted on the side of the coffee table base. Next to the switches are retractable metal hinges which have a dual purpose; coiling the power cord when necessary, and to sit 'proud' of the on/off switches to protect them from damage during transport and against contact with walls etc..


Traffic Light Coffee Table : Walnut / Red Meranti

    • Walnut / Dark Red Meranti wood species
    • 4' x 16w" x 22"h
    • Fully rewired
    • Individual selector switches per color
    • Retractable metal tabs for coiling cable
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