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A better sidecar option is here! Introducing the Comrade, a one of a kind 14u sidecar cabinet with the options and versatility to grow with the needs of your studio. This is our UPDATED flat pack version, with more depth and cable management options than the former extremely popular Comrade we launched in 2020.




The top surface has a unique tool-less (patent pending) locking system machined into it, which allows multiple products to be used securely with the Comrade as pictured. For instance all of Munstre's desktop audio racks (2u-8u) can be easily stacked on top and locked into position with 4 locking "keys" without worrying about knocking the upper units off. So if you have previously purchased a desktop rack, and are looking to expand and stack your units, this product is the perfect fit.


If shelving is desired, the interior walls offer 10 potential shelf positions. These are positioned to work in conjunction with the rack rails, as well as alongside installed rack gear (in select positions) to get the best of both options so you do NOT need to remove the rack rails to use the shelves. The shelves are held in place with 6 heavy duty pins, which will grab the shelf for a very sturdy and secure storage fit. [Shelves are NOT included in this listing as Reverb does not have an option to list add-ons at checkout, hardwood matched shelves will be $58/ea.]


The cross bar at the middle of the cabinet provides stability for the exterior walls, and includes a routed tray for storing those little objects that hang around your studio (guitar picks, cable adapters, pens & pencils etc.. ) while creating a separated space for the upper angled 6u rack positions from the bottom 8u vertical rack positions.


The interior walls have pre-routed locations to place cable management brackets, allowing the user to choose the best placement for your setup (Left side/Right side/Upper/Lower). Mounting brackets are included, along with hook & loop style fasteners for quick and easy cable gathering to keep your rack setup as neat as possible.


Assembly is quick and easy, with a single style bolt/pin nut used throughout the cabinet and deliberately designed wood joinery to support the overall structure for excellent rigidity and weight displacement, which is then pulled & held firmly in place with the bolt attachments.

Housed in a beautiful Walnut hardwood enclosure (or Maple if you prefer the light look), the Comrade aims to maximize its use of space & organization by providing many configurable options. From a full 14u audio rack, to a hybrid setup splitting the use of audio racks & shelving (or even a version with no audio racks) this piece was designed with real world studio use in mind. The enclosures feature an angled upper 6u housing which allows for a more enjoyable ergonomic experience, and a vertical 8u section beneath . Additionally the sides of the cabinet include routed ƒ-holes which while aesthetically unique and pleasing, also allow for cross ventilation inside of the housing.


Finally, the base of the the Comrade includes 3" heavy duty locking casters, the locks are easily clicked in & out of the locked position and can hold up to 750lbs.




~31.25”h (w /casters) x 20.75”w x 20.2" d (16.7d" top surface)



*Please note that my products are handmade to order, from build to finish the process will take approximately 2.5-3 weeks prior to shipping shipping. Multiple stain options are available, as well as natural wood. All enclosures are rigorously sanded in steps from 120 grit up to 320, oiled/stained, and completed with multiple layers of non VOC polymerized oil & beeswax.


Output sidecar, Output competitor, similar to output sidecar

The COMRADE - 14u Sidecar

    • Fits 19" rack gear
    • Rear 8u rack rails optional
    • Heavy Duty casters (rated for 750lbs)
    • ~31.25”h (w /casters) x 20.75”w x 18.75" d (16.75d" top surface)
    • Easy sturdy assembly
    • Compatible with Munstre's desktop audio racks
    • 14u rails (6u upper/8u lower) pre installed
    • Munstre's locking "keys" for expansion options
    • Cable management brackets with fasteners
    • 3" locking heavy duty casters (x4)
    • Unit ships ASSEMBLED*
    • FREE shipping
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