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Reconfigure to your hearts content with our largest most versatile, expandable sidecar yet! Introducing the Companion, a one of a kind 32u sidecar cabinet (also available as a 1-bay 16u) in beautiful Walnut with the options and versatility to easily expand into a mixing/mastering desk, with integrated storage, movable work surfaces & shelving, and tons of cable management options. 




The Companion is a larger, expanded version of our low profile 'Attendant' sidecar. In this design we've raised the cabinet proportions in the upper 12u section, and added an additional strip of 4u rails in the lower section. This design converts into a workstation with our optional desktop, a simple conversion with just a change of 4 bolts without having to disassemble the cabinet or move your installed gear. 


The desktop add-on & rear shelf add-on are both designed to support the needs of everyday studio use. We route a contoured pocket into the side supports of these pieces which creates a secure hold onto the exterior of the cabinet, they are fastened into place with 4 heavy duty bolts, but little weight is placed on the actual bolts and is instead directed into the wood-on-wood joint created by our routing system.


The Companion can easily be moved around on our lockable heavy duty casters (rated up to 700lbs) to suit your working position, with a power conditioner installed this cabinet can be fully loaded with 16u of gear and just be tethered to a single power cable, while organizing & concealing ALL of your cabling within the cabinet itself. 




If interior shelving is desired, the interior walls offer 3 strategically placed shelving locations. These are positioned to work in conjunction with the rack rails, as well as alongside installed rack gear to get the best of both options so you do NOT need to remove the rack rails to use the shelves. In the upper 12u section you can orient the shelf as an extended desktop work surface:


In shelf position A the shelf is fully forward, and providing easy access to various audio units. This position allows for full depth 4u of remaining rail space in the uppermost positions of the rack rails, meaning your gear will not be blocked by the rear of the shelf. Additionally you can fit shorter depth gear (such as Eurorack modules) in up to 4u of rail, suspending the shallow units above the shelf surface.


In shelf position B the shelf is raised slightly above position A and extends the plane of the external desktop (if attached) and is postioned just above the front 3u section, an exellent place for 500 series chassis or Eurorack modules, while also providing a unique work area for pedals, turntables, laptops etc... This position also allows for the top 1u section to remain accessible, an excellent location for power conditioners as you will have easy access to those power ports at the rear of the cabinet. 


In shelf position C the shelf is in the lowest location of the cabinet, a great area to be used for storage, or as an area to coil cables from the rack gear above. You can also place rack blanks into the rack rails to visually block the cables if need be. 


** The interior shelves are 100% interchangeable with our Comrade shelves as well, and are held in place with 6 heavy duty pins, which will grab the shelf for a very sturdy and secure storage fit. 


Assembly is quick and easy, with a single style bolt/pin nut used throughout the cabinet and deliberately designed wood joinery to support the overall structure for excellent rigidity and weight displacement, which is then pulled & held firmly in place with the fastened bolts. 


This piece was designed with real world studio use in mind. Housed in a beautiful Walnut hardwood enclosure (or Maple if you prefer the light look), the Companion aims to maximize its use of space & organization by providing many configurable options. Additionally the sides of the cabinet include routed ƒ-holes which while aesthetically unique and pleasing, also allow for cross ventilation inside of the housing.




~34”h (at peak) x 40.625”w x 23.5"d (NO desktop)

~31.3"d (W/desktop attached)

~39.3"d (W/desktop & rear shelf attached)



*Please note that our products are handmade to order, from build to finish the process will take approximately 3 weeks prior to shipping.

Output sidecar, Output competitor, similar to output sidecar

The 2-bay COMPANION sidecar (32u)

    • Fits 19" rack gear
    • Rear 8u rack rails optional
    • Heavy Duty casters (rated for 750lbs)
    • ~31.25”h (w /casters) x 20.75”w x 18.75" d (16.75d" top surface)
    • Easy sturdy assembly
    • Compatible with Munstre's desktop audio racks
    • EASY assembly
    • 32u rails (12u upper/4u lower per bay) 
    • Cable management brackets with fasteners
    • 3" locking heavy duty casters (x4)
    • FREE shipping
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