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Adding the vintage charm to BDSM, this simple cleaned-up illustration is a great addition to the home with a sense of humor. The artwork is protected by crystal clear glass.

This 6" x 8" lightbox features an illustrated and textured scene overlaid onto an an antique paper background. The image is printed in high resolution on acetate film, which completely protects the ink from fading, and is designed to accent the flow of light. 


Handmade lightboxes by Munstre are backlit by a pleasant warm-lumen LED bulb which is installed in every box!


    • 6" x 8" x 2.8" deep
    • 40w LED (equivalent) bulb installed, no heat, and rated for 45,000 hrs (thats a LOT)
    • On/Off inline switch mounted on cord
    • Standard North American plug


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