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This is a digital download (to be 3d printed at your leisure). It includes the full set of miniature piano pieces at scale, as well as the entire leg frame base. If needed there is also a folder of individual piano elements that can be printed one at a time. 


While the primary enclosure is laid out in a set the download also includes a 2nd folder of each individual piano element if you need to reprint specific pieces. The keybed and control panel are also separated from the set as those would likely be printed in a White or other color to the primary enclosure. If you experience any warping with your 3D printer we recommend adding a small brim to those elements for better adhesion to the print bed. 


We recommend using an X-acto knife to refine any edges, sandpaper, and CA glue with accelorator.

X-acto knife:

CA Glue Accelerator:

CA Glue: 


Mini Rhodes piano (digital STLfiles)


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