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Grow Slowly...


I found myself saying this after my daughter was born. My only time to design was late at night waiting for her to wake up hungry, and the first thing I'd think about was how slow my progress had been on my work, but how quickly she was already growing. 


6" x 8" handmade lightbox with original artwork by Munstre


All lightboxes come with a warm lumen LED lightbulb installed, and include an on/off switch on the cord. The bulbs ARE replaceable, but these LEDs will last years even with heavy use. The bulbs emit almost no heat, and are safe for a nursery (which is the same with all of my lightboxes).


I use premium Ultrachrome inks, which are printed to a special acetate film, this protects the inks from any type of color fading from the lightsource. The artwork is protected by crytal clear glass.

Grow Slowly

    • Warm lumen 40w (equivalent) LED bulb installed, rated for 45,000 hrs
    • On/Off switch mounted on the cord
    • Standard North American plug
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