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This is a beautiful, large, one-of-a-kind lightbox made from a wild looking hand selected rainbow Poplar slab, and live edge Canarywood base. The enclosure features a high contrasting grain, which wraps around in a 'waterfall edge'. It's joints are reinforced with hand cut Walnut splines, providing a functional and decorative accent.


The enclosure is lifted with hardwood dowels, suspending it above a solid Canarywood base which is downlit to highlight it's intense grain color and structure. The on/off switch is mounted on the base below the lightbox, with all cabling completely concealed through the dowels. 


People love being able to see the detail up close in lightboxes at this size, and this particular piece really draws the viewer in as there are tiny fibers in the pulp from the paper which illuminate at varying degrees. 


The piece is lit with 2 LED warm lumen bulbs, easily replaceable by removing the back panel on the lightbox. The bulbs are rated for many many years of regular use. 

Ghost Landscape - Downlit Canarywood/Poplar

    • Lyrics read from bottom to top
    • Wall mountable
    • Waterfall edge Poplar/Walnut
    • LEDs installed, 60w equivalent
    • Antique, one of a kind piano roll
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