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Add some warm wood grains to your studio with Munstre's "riser" rack enclosure, featuring ALL solid wood joinery, no screws, nails, or brackets. Angled versions of my enclosures are also available, both versions are compatible with the Comrade sidecar audio rack. 

These unique low profile desktop audio racks are perfectly suited for the needs of both a home studio musician, and the engineer in a fully equipped studio. The enclosures feature a lifted housing which allows for a more pleasant ergonomic experience when using the lowest rack position, and also allows for hidden cable storage in the gap between the desk and your lowest piece of gear. All of my desktop audio racks also fit into my 'Comrade' sidecar & locking system, adding versatility and allowing the desktop rack enclosures to stay useful and grow with an expanding studio.

Your enclosure comes with high density rubber feet installed, Black rack rail screws for your gear, as well as the rigid metal rack rails which are perfectly balanced and spaced in the housing so there are no awkward diagonal lines once gear is secured in place. All of my angled racks accommodate 19" studio rack gear.

-Rack rails installed & perfectly balanced
-INCLUDES rail screws for your gear
-High quality rubber feet installed
-Rich warm stain with a smooth satin finish
-Multiple stain options available.

All enclosures are rigorously sanded in steps from 120 grit up to 320, oiled, and finished with multiple layers of non VOC satin wax finish.


Desktop Audio Racks 'riser' version

    • 5"h x 20.5" x 12.75d” 
    • Rack rails installed & perfectly balanced
    • High quality rubber feet installed
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