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This is a beautiful, large, one-of-a-kind handmade lightbox made from a hand selected portion of a genuine antique piano roll. The enclosure is a very unique piece of poplar with a high contrasting grain, which has been wrapped around with a 'waterfall edge'. The joints are made extra strong with handcut Walnut splines. 


Lyrics read from bottom to top:


     "Like falling rain to a flower

      or like the shore to the sea

      like minutes are to an hour

      darling so you are, to me."


I love repurposing antiques, and having a large collection of antique piano rolls this is a great medium to give some new life to these lovely little historic items. 


People love being able to really see the detail up close in lightboxes at this size, and this particular piece really draws the viewer in as there are tiny fibers in the pulp from the paper which illuminate at varying degrees. I have overlayed the piano roll onto a hand cut piece of diffused glass, and the antique paper is protected by crystal clear glass.

Antique Piano Roll: Poplar/Walnut

    • Lyrics read from bottom to top
    • Wall mountable
    • Waterfall edge Poplar/Walnut
    • LEDs installed, 60w equivalent
    • Antique, one of a kind piano roll
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