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Before we get started here are some things to keep in mind:


  • Introverts are good listeners.
  • Introverts are very observant.
  • Introverts are trustworthy people.
  • Introverts are in touch with their feelings.
  • Introverts are thought-provoking when you get them talking.


This is a handmade lightbox for us quiet types. The artwork is an edited illustration from an old national parks ad campaign in the early 1900's, I've added extra elements through the image along with the added text, and placed the artwork onto a custom textured background made to accent the flow of light. This delightful image is held in place with decorative whitecapped metal screws.


I use premium Ultrachrome inks, which are printed to a special acetate film, this protects the inks from any type of color fading from the lightsource. The artwork is also protected by crystal clear glass. ALL Munstre lightboxes come with a warm lumen LED lightbulb installed, and include an on/off switch on the cord.

Subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place (tall)

    • 12" tall x 5.8" wide x 4.5" deep
    • Cedar wood enclosure
    • White screwfront design
    • On/Off switch mounted on cord
    • Cord length 8 feet
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