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"What the hell is happening here?" - The usual response about this piece..


I came across a photo of this man with an axe from the 1800's, in the original photograph he's quite short - but clearly had a large presence. I tediously cut him from the original background, elongated his legs, and added him to a new textured scene which has been vignetted to accent the flow & focus of light.


I use premium Ultrachrome inks, which are printed to a special acetate film, this protects the inks from any type of color fading from the lightsource. The artwork is protected by crytal clear glass. All lightboxes come with a warm lument LED lightbulb installed, and include an on/off switch on the cord. 

Restless in my Hands

    • Warm lumen 40w (equivalent) LED bulb installed, rated for 45,000 hrs
    • On/Off switch mounted on the cord
    • Standard North American plug
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