This artwork is a a heavily edited illustration of an old dress advertisement, I've removed the figure and carefully removed the head in a non-gory style, and placed the figure back onto a simplified background ! This design is placed onto a custom textured background made to accent the flow of light. The artwork is protected by crystal clear glass.


I use premium Ultrachrome inks, which are printed to a special acetate film, this protects the inks from any type of color fading from the lightsource. The artwork is also protected by crystal clear glass. ALL Munstre lightboxes come with a warm lumen LED lightbulb installed, and include an on/off switch on the cord.


*Please note I can only ship these lightboxes to North America, as I do not have the ability to test international plugs and voltages at the moment.

Headless Ballerina

Enclosure Color
    • 6" wide x 8" tall x 2.8" deep
    • 40w (equivalent) warm spectrum LED bulb installed, rated for 45,000 hrs
    • On/Off cord mounted on switch