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This is a unique and beautiful wall sconce, made with reclaimed barnwood (cedar). The image is a pleasant vintage styled illustration of our Moon's phases as it revolves around Earth, which sit on top of a soft textured aqua background with a slight vignette to direct the focus of light.


The reclaimed barnwood has been left with all of the original rustic characteristics (this may include knots, blotches, and light scratches), but has been sanded where necessary and sealed in a matte poly finish. On the side of the lightbox frame there is a vintage metal On/Off switch. Attaching the base and the box frame is an antique brushed brass arm, concealing the cord until it leaves the base. Choose your cord color preference at checkout.


This sconce is easily mounted to a wall with 2 screws (included) the same as hanging a picture frame. 


I use premium Ultrachrome inks, which are printed to a special acetate film, this protects the inks from any type of color fading from the lightsource. The artwork is protected by crystal clear glass. All lightboxes come with a warm lumen LED lightbulb installed, and include an on/off switch on the cord. 

Phases of the Moon - rustic wall sconce

    • Image dimensions: 9.15" x 8"
    • Total height is ~13"
    • On/Off switch mounted on box
    • Unique whitecapped screws on front
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