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The 'ComposerXX' by Munstre. This compact mid century inspired original design is flat shippable and built like a tank, using top tier Walnut 'Apple-ply' to highlight this species natural beauty and utilize its dependable strength.


Our flat ship pieces are uniquely designed with traditional wood joinery, but in place of wood glue we have strategically placed bolt fasteners. The wood joinery approach allows for proper weight distribution, strong joints, and pulls the overall piece naturally into square as it is assembled. Very easy assembly using 1 uniform size bolts for nearly all connections (each are metal on metal threading so it can be broken down and rebuilt as many times as needed) and comes in a various width size options (31, 46, & 55)

Adding mobility to a desk like this is extremely useful as it allows your setup to be pulled up to other areas of the studio (ie piano, adjacent to a mixing console etc..), but if you don't need the mobility it also ships with heavy duty rubber feet for a fixed desk and a bit of a shorter setup (tech spec sheet shots both measurements). The Walnut ply is a very durable, and true hardwood ply which is fully oiled and finished in house before packing. We assemble EVERY piece before breaking it back down for shipping to ensure your fit is going to be perfect.


  • COMPOSER31 = Desktop work area is ~30.5" x 20.5"d, Upper shelf work area is ~31.5" x 9"d, and keyboard tray is 29.5" x 16"d x 3.625"h (11.5" overhang).
  • COMPOSER46 = Desktop work area is ~45.25" x 20.5"d, Upper shelf work area is ~45.75" x 9"d, and keyboard tray is 44.25" x 16"d x 3.625"h (11.5" overhang)
  • COMPOSER55 = Desktop work area is 55" x 20.5"d, Upper shelf work area is 56.5" x 9"d, and keyboard tray is 54" x 16"d x 3.625"h (11.5" overhang)


... Each includes a port at the rear of the desktop which can be either used as a cable pass-through (pictured) OR for grommet mounted display arms. C-clamp display arms are also useable in this setup. Upper shelf comes with 3 cable/grommet ports (5 on the 55" version).

Versatility: The upper shelf can be oriented flat, or angled up with included supports. The flat position is fully secured into place allowing for displays to be positioned wherever is most comfortable, and the weight of the shelf is supported fully by the rear stretcher of the desk which also doubles as a cable pass-through concealer to keep your workspace neat. There will be no sagging with this clever design. 

The keyboard tray adds another layer of very useful workspace, plenty of depth, and a height clearance of 3-5/8" to accommodate many midi controllers and hardware synths. 

You'll receive:

  • Primary workdesk
  • Walnut shelf (if added)
  • Walnut Keyboard Tray (if added)
  • Casters
  • Rubber Feet (optional)
  • Headphone hanger
  • Cable management fasteners and 
  • Shelf pins (with shelf purchase)
  • All locking hardware & tools needed for assembly.

Turnaround time for these desks is approximately 3.5 - 5 weeks. Please check in with any questions at all!

Composer '31' recording studio desk

    • Walnut hardwood ply
    • Includes casters & rubber feet (height will be affected)
    • Flat ship / easy assembly (tool included)
    • Cable management and fasteners included
    • Headphone hanger
    • Custom options
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